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Welcome to Norway!

Where to stay?

There is possibility for camping at the field. Limited access to power, so be quick to book. Price list can be found below.

Send us an e-mail to camp @ Enter information about how many nights and if you want access to power.


Price list
Tent: 10 EUR / day
Caravan : 12 EUR / day


Bissevov AS

Hobøl, Norge
E-mail: camp (a)
P: 0047 (coming soon)


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About Bissevov

Marianne Elise Methi is a Norwegian dog trainer. She has seminars in different dogsports. She also trains her 4 dogs in herding, rally-obedience, frisbee freestyle, obedience and tricks.

Her dogs has also been in theater, several tv commercials, advertisements and tv shows in Norway.

Marianne and her dog Vega is also in this years «Norwegians got talent» with tricks and frisbee.