Entry and registration

This is the first ever frisbee freestyle event in Norway! Thats why we have prepeard not only competitions – but also seminars so you can be prepared.


The competition entry closes 1 week before the competition – and opens at least 4 weeks before (we will open early).

It is possible to enter at the same day, but it will cost 1 euro extra. The host CAN remove this rule if it`s too much extra work. Up to the host.

Registration fee is set for different leagues and games

1 to 4 games is 6 euro per game

If one team desides to enter all 5 games – it's 24 euro

Puppies is max 10 euro for 2 games (and they can only enter 2 games per day). If the same handler enters more dogs it`s like this:

Dog nr 2 – 10 % off

Dog nr 3 it`s 20% off

If you want discount – it must be the same handler that handels the dog in competition.

Different people – same dog – do discount.

Leagues and divisions


  • Mini league
  • Minor league
  • Major league


  • Nano
  • Debutant
  • Experts

Enter seminars and competitions

If you want to join – then send a mail to camp @ bissevov.com with all information.:


  • Name of the handler and phone number
  • Name of the dog(s)
  • Breed
  • Age
  • Which seminar


  • Name of the handler and phone number
  • Name of the dog(s)
  • Breed
  • Age
  • Division
  • Which competition

Please let us know it some of the dogs are in heat.

Everyone that comes from outside of Norway can pay here when the come. Everyone in Norway has to pay up from when they register.



You can be an observer at the seminar. The price for observer each seminar is 30 euro, both seminars 50 euro. If you attend one seminar with dog, you get the ability to be observer at the other seminar for free.

Seminar tricks - Thursday

The focus here is tricks that you can do in a routine in frisbee freestyle. / Marianne Elise Methi.
Price: 70 EUR
Observer price: 30 EUR

Seminar frisbee - Friday

Throwing techniques in frisbee / Sven Van Driessche
Price: 100 EUR
Observer price: 30 EUR

Seminar rules - Saturday

Sven Van Driessche
Price: Free



Bottleneck = 6 EUR
Double Doggy Drift = 6 EUR
Freestyle = 6 EUR
Shortstyle = 6 EUR
Wheel of Fortune = 6 EUR
All 5 competitions = 24 EUR


Fetch it (distance) = 12,5 EUR
Fetch it in style (freestyle) = 10 EUR


Bissevov AS

Hobøl, Norge
E-mail: camp (a) bissevov.com
P: 0047 (coming soon)


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About Bissevov

Marianne Elise Methi is a Norwegian dog trainer. She has seminars in different dogsports. She also trains her 4 dogs in herding, rally-obedience, frisbee freestyle, obedience and tricks.

Her dogs has also been in theater, several tv commercials, advertisements and tv shows in Norway.

Marianne and her dog Vega is also in this years «Norwegians got talent» with tricks and frisbee.