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Seminars at the camp

We will have 2 semiars at the camp this weekend. Since the sport its new here i Norway we have 2 seminars that will appeal to the beginners so they can learn more.

Come and join – or you can be an observer at the seminar. The price for observer each seminar is 30 euro, both seminars 50 euro. If you attend one seminar with dog, you get the ability to be observer at the other seminar for free.


Tricks seminar

Learn tricks for frisbee freestyle. The focus here is tricks that you can do in a routine in frisbee freestyle.

Instructor: Marianne Elise Methi

Limited spots and you have to register up front.

The price is 70 euros for 1 day. 10 – 16 on Thursday.


Frisbee seminar

Combined seminar with tricks, ttouch and disc. This seminar will focus on throwing techniques.

Instructor: Sven Van Driessche

Also here its limited spots and you have to register up front.

The price here is 100 euros for 1 day.


Free seminar with Sven Van Driessche


Small seminar about frisbee freestyle.


Bissevov AS

Hobøl, Norge
E-mail: camp (a)
P: 0047 (coming soon)


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About Bissevov

Marianne Elise Methi is a Norwegian dog trainer. She has seminars in different dogsports. She also trains her 4 dogs in herding, rally-obedience, frisbee freestyle, obedience and tricks.

Her dogs has also been in theater, several tv commercials, advertisements and tv shows in Norway.

Marianne and her dog Vega is also in this years «Norwegians got talent» with tricks and frisbee.